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  Industrial Power Transmission  -> Synchronous Belts  -> Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Belts  -> 8mm Pitch, P.N. Series 9274  -> 12mm Wide  

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 Category Name Description  Give yourself a competitive advantage by designing in the Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ drive system instead of roller chain in your next power transmission application.
 The patented use of Carbon™ Fiber as the tensile cord in this belt provides increased horsepower rating for greater power density and compactness and increased flexibility, allowing the use of backside idlers. When combined with Gates Poly Chain® GT®2 sprockets, you have a lightweight, long-lasting, maintenance-free system that's more than a match for roller chain.
 Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ Belts - Nothing Tougher.
 Features Advantages  Durable polyurethane construction resists chemicals, oil, pollutants, and abrasion.
 Nylon tooth facing reduces friction and eliminates the need for lubrication.
 Fully operational in temperature extremes of -65°F to +185°F (-54°C to +85°C).
 Maintenance-free, clean solution for roller chain drive conversion: Significantly reduces maintenance costs. Equivalent capacity to roller chain drives in the same width. Easy rust-free wash-down with Gates Stainless Steel hardware. Fast drive conversion payback. Quieter than roller chain drives.
 New construction provides up to 55% more low-speed capacity than the original PCGT construction and 30% more than PCGT2.
 Gates curvilinear tooth profile provides high shear strength, noise reduction, and improved load carrying capacity.
 Robust carbon tensile cord combines minimal stretch with extraordinary strength and load carrying capacity, while absorbing shock and surge loads.
 Markets/Applications  All industrial markets, especially suited to replace roller chain drives. Narrow width minimizes reducer overhung loads and left-justified hubs on Poly Chain® GT®2 sprockets accommodate short shaft lengths.
 Belt / Sprocket Specifications 
 Number of Teeth  250
 Pitch Length (in)  78.74
 Recommended Sprockets  Poly Chain GT Sprockets - 8M and 14M
 Belt Notes  Belt pitch is the distance in millimeters between two adjacent tooth centers as measured on the pitch line of the belt. Belt pitch length is the total length (circumference) in millimeters as measured along the pitch line. The theoretical pitch line of a Poly Chain GT Carbon belt lies within the tensile member.
 Poly Chain GT Carbon belts can be used on existing drives as replacement for previous generation Poly Chain belts.
 WARNING:  Use of non-Gates manufactured sprockets is not recommended: Gates Poly Chain GT sprockets are manufactured, specified and tested to fully support the full capabilities of the Poly Chain GT Carbon belt. Product performance cannot be guaranteed when non-Gates sprockets are used.
 Always utilize Taper-Lock type Poly Chain GT Sprockets when designing a new Poly Chain GT Carbon belt drive system.
 Customer Pack  1.0
 Standard Pack  1
 Weight (Lbs.)  0.24

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